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Everything you need for web connectivity
What's Included

For $20 a month you will receive:

Fast and reliable servers

1Gig Storage (for starters)

Unlimited email accounts

Free domain transfer

Free updates*

SPAM Filtering

Unlimited FTP accounts

Fast technical support

Simple Choice Hosting

Web Hosting is service that supplies leased space on a server, where web sites are uploaded, thus making them accessible on the Internet. There are dozens of types of web hosting, and there are countless companies who offer hosting services. So why choose JAWS Media?

  1. No Guesswork - JAWS Media takes the guess work out of hosting. There is no need to sort through a long list of technical specifications to find the best option for your business; we've already created the best packaged plan for you.
  2. Ample Bandwidth & Storage - JAWS Media hosting is designed to grow with your business. Our Simple Choice Hosting plan offers ample bandwidth and storage, regardless of the size of your business.
  3. Unlimited Email - JAWS Media’s Simple Choice Hosting plan offers unlimited email accounts. Now your business can benefit from each employee having access to their own company email address.
  4. Free Updates - JAWS Media will give you one free update to your web site each month at no additional cost. (See below for terms.)
  5. Free Transfers – Already have web hosting with another company? No problem. JAWS Media will transfer your current domain, files, and settings at NO cost!

Let us simplify your web hosting; sign up for the Simple Choice Hosting Plan!


* 1 Update Per Month - must not exceed one labor hour to complete the update. Any update request that requires more than one labor hour will be charged the additional time necessary to complete the update request. Offer limited to updates of HTML and does not include custom server/client programming or database design.


Domain Registration

In addition to our web hosting services, JAWS Media provides domain registration, renewal, or transfer. Acquiring a domain has never been easier. Simply alert us to the domain you wish to register, and we will do the rest! If the domain you wish to register is unavailable, we will help you find an alternative domain name for your consideration.

Whether you already have a registered domain that you would like transferred, or are in need of acquiring a new domain, JAWS Media can help. You may enter domain names you wish to register in the hosting sigup form.