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Creating News Categories

Applies to: News Pro 1.0 - News Manager Bookmark and Share



This article discusses how to create, edit, and delete news categories in News Pro.


Creating a New Category

News Pro categories are designed to allow you to organize your news content. The name you select for a category will be, in turn, displayed as a navigational link on your web site. Therefore, when you type the name of the category, enter it as you want it to appear on your web site; e.g. first letter capitalized, all caps, or all lower case.

When you create a new category you will be given an option to select the Type and View. The Type provides you with the option to set the category as Text (that will be displayed within your web site), or as PDF (that will need to be downloaded to be viewed). The View option allows you to determine whether the category is kept Private (only your subscribers have access to the content), or Public (making it available to all web site visitors).

By default, each new category will be added to the last position. Therefore, you may wish to edit the Position value, so the category link will be displayed on your web site in the order you desire for it to appear. (See below for instructions on editing position values.)


Editing an Existing Category

After you create a category, you can edit the category name, position, status, and view.

To change the name of the category, delete the old text and enter the new text you wish to add. Make sure to click the Edit Categories button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

To change the position (or order) that your category link is listed on your web site, simply alter the numerical value in the Position text box to the corresponding place you wish it to be listed; i.e., 1, 2, 3. Be sure to click the Edit Categories button to save your changes. If the order does not display as you specified, go back to the News Pro, News Category page and check to ensure that the category's Status is set to Active.

Note: You cannot edit the Position value of an inactive category. Also, once you create a category, you cannot modify its type; e.g. you can't change a Text category into a PDF category.


Deleting a Category

To delete a category, click the red delete icon at the right of the category. Upon doing so, you will be asked to confirm your selection.

WARNING: if you choose to delete a category, you will permanently delete all of the news content under that category. This action cannot be undone.

Note: The Late Breaking news category cannot be deleted, as it is used in several special functions on your web site. However, you can choose to not use this feature by making it an Inactive category.