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Posting Text News Articles

Applies to: News Pro 1.0 - News Manager Bookmark and Share



This knowledge base article discusses the process for posting a Text news article content.

Select a Category (Required)

Select a news category for the text article. To prevent accidental posting to an in-active category, only Active news categories are listed in the menu.

Note: If the Late Breaking category is selected, the menu for the Publish Date field is disabled, as this value is automatically assigned by News Pro on the date that you post the news article.

Select a Publish Date (Required)

There are three options available when selecting a publishing date. You can back publish an article for the previous edition, publish for today's date, or you can choose a future date and pre-publish an article. Using the pre-publishing feature will place your article in the News Pro system; yet, it will not be made available to your readers until the date that you select.

Note: Please remember, that for any news article to be viewable on your web site (other than one assigned to the late breaking category) it must be assigned a day of the week that is active in the News Pro Settings Page. (The settings page can be accessed by clicking the notepad icon above the News Pro navigation.)

Enter an Author

With an internet connection, any writer can publish a news article directly from their computer. News Pro will remember the last author for each computer and automatically enter their name. Each author can enter their name or you may choose to leave the entry blank.

Note: In the case that a writer is posting an article using a computer other than his or her own, they will need to manually delete the auto entry and type in the correct name.

Enter a Story Title (Required)

The story title briefly describes the article and will appear at the top of page when the full article is viewed. You can also choose to display the story title on the home page of your web site. For more information on this feature please see the instructions under the heading "Uploading Options" located below.

Enter the Article Summary

The article summary is meant to provide a one to two sentence summary about the article and encourage readers to view the full story. In most cases, you can just copy and paste the first few sentences of your article to provide a quick summary. Do not leave this entry blank as it is used to populate content for your web site. You can also choose to display the article summary along with the title on your web site's home page. For more information on this feature please see the instructions under the heading "Uploading Options" locating below.

Enter the Full Article

Since News Pro is probably the online edition of your printed version, you can simply copy-and-paste your article text in the provided area. If you wish to add extra line breaks to make for easier reading on a computer screen, check the "Add extra line breaks" box to automate this task.

Note: pasting article content can sometimes lead to unrecognized characters in your web site. The type of font used in advanced word processors or page layout programs will use non-web friendly characters for quotations, apostrophes, hyphens and more. Use this method with caution.

Upload Options

At the bottom of the form is an option to upload an image to your story. If you would like to add a description, there is also an area supplied for you to add a caption that when uploaded will be displayed directly underneath the image.

You do not need to reformat your image to fit a specific dimension, as News Pro will automatically create three versions of the image. One will be a thumbnail size that will be displayed on the home page - if this option is selected. The second will be the full size image that appears with the complete article. The third will be a zoom version that will let users see the image in a larger view.

At the bottom of the form, you will also find a check box labeled "Display on Home Page." Check this option if you want the article title and summary to display on the home page of your web site.

Once upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation with the title, publish date, and article. If you attempted to upload an image and received an error, you will need to reduce your image file size and try again.