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Posting PDF News Articles

Applies to: News Pro 1.0 - News Manager Bookmark and Share



This article discusses how to use News Pro to upload and post PDF news articles.


Introductory Note

As with uploading an image file with text based news articles, you must consider the size of your file. Large files occupy more space on the server and increase the time your users have to wait in order to view content. Therefore, you will need to create a web-friendly version of the PDF content you want to publish to your web site. The best way to approach this process is to create a single PDF file for each page you want to upload. This will ensure a small file size, less download time for your users, and better server performance.


Select a Category (Required)

Your first step is to select a category from the Category menu. Keep in mind, only PDF Type categories are displayed in this menu. For instructions on how to create PDF Type categories, please see the Knowledge Base Article, Creating News Categories.

If you created a new category to upload PDF content, but did not set the Type as PDF, you must go back and create a new category of this Type. You cannot edit the Type of an existing category.


Select A Publish Date (Required)

As with posting text news articles, you must specify the Publish Date. You can choose between two options when selecting the Publish Date. You can back publish an article for the previous edition, or you can choose a future date and pre-publish your content. The purpose of pre-publishing is to have your content already in the system so that your users will have it on and after the date it is posted.


Select Number of Files (Required)

For your convenience, News Pro allows you to upload up to ten files at a time. Thus, select the number of files (aka pages) you want to upload from the drop down menu provided. If you want to upload more than ten files simply complete the upload process a second time, and choose the additional files to be uploaded.

It is recommended that you not exceed 1 MB per file upload, as you may encounter an error when attempting to upload anything larger. Pages with color images will be likely candidates for large file sizes. You can choose to use an Adobe product that can create a highly compressed version of your PDFs.


Select A PDF File (Required)

After you have selected the number of files to be uploaded, click the Next button to continue to the upload process. On the next page you will be given instructions to enter a name for each file, and then given the option to select the files from your computer. Once you have completed the process of selecting and naming each file, click the Upload button to officially upload your PDF content.



In some rare cases, you may encounter an error when testing your PDF file by downloading it from your web site. Usually, if you receive an error it is from attempting to upload a large file size. Errors like this can occur when an internet connection is reset during upload with the server. When errors occur, test the PDF by downloading it from your web site once more to ensure the error was not accidental. If the error still occurs, then delete the PDF file from News Pro and try the uploading process again.

Known Issue with Firefox: There is a known issue with viewing PDFs in Firefox. In most cases when a user cannot view a PDF in their Firefox browser, a simple settings change is all that is needed to fix the issue. The following support article will provide a solution to this problem.