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Introducing News Pro 1.0

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This article is designed to help familiarize you with the layout of the News Pro home page.

News Pro - Home Page

The home page is designed to welcome you by displaying three different summary categories. Each summary of information provides you with a brief look at your activity within the three modules of News Pro.

News Summary

The News Summary will quickly alert you to how many active and in-active news categories you have in your News Pro system. You will also be given a total of text articles and PDF files that you have added.

Advertising Summary

The Advertising Summary will supply you with the number of ads you have in the system. It also measures your total monthly and annual ad sales. The annual value measures ads that are set to run during any span of time for the current year.

Additional Note: In order for your site to maintain optimal performance, your system is designed to automatically remove news content and ad banners older than one year. Consequently, when this removal occurs the numbers reflected in your News and Advertising summary will slightly change.

Subscriber Summary

The Subscriber Summary provides you with the number of your e-circulation. The summary also provides you with the number of In-complete Subscribers in the system. An "In-complete Subscriber" is a person that attempted to subscribe, but did not complete the payment process. (For further information on incomplete subscriptions, please see the knowledge base article Understanding the Subscription Process.) The last number listed in the Subscriber Summary is the value of your total active online subscriptions.

Navigation Menus

The menus on the left side of the home page are also presented on each page in News Pro, giving you the ability to easily jump to any tool. There are three main menu headings that represent the three modules of News Pro: News Manager, Advertising Manager, and Subscriber Manager. Underneath each main menu heading is a link to an available tool coinciding with that specific manager. If you are unsure as to the purpose of a menu item, hover your mouse over the link and you will be given a description hint.

Atop the main menu headings are three additional symbol buttons: News Pro, Settings, and Get Support. The News Pro button is designed to take you quickly back to the home page. The Settings button will direct you to a page where you can customize your personal settings within News Pro. The third button, Get Support, will take you to a page where you can fill out a request for assistance.

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