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Introduction to Ad Banners

Applies to: News Pro 1.0 - Advertising Manager Bookmark and Share



The goal of this article is to familiarize you with how advertisement banners function within the News Pro Ad Manager. This article will introduce you to ad banner styles, file types, and sizes. In addition, this article will describe where ad banners are typically placed and how they are rotated within your web site.

Acceptable Ad Banner Styles, File Types, and Sizes

There are three acceptable file types that can be used for graphic banner ads - Image (JPG, GIF), Flash (.SWF) and Remote Source. The remote source option gives you the ability to paste HTML code directly into News Pro. When creating graphic banners for your web site, the ideal file size should be less than 35KB at a resolution of 72 dpi. Most standard computer screens cannot render a high resolution image than 72-96 dpi. In other words, it is needless to upload a print quality image as it will only increase download time and slow down the server.

Ad Banner Placement in News Pro

Your web site will have a pre-determined place for your banner ads. With graphic ad banners there are typically four separate placement locations: top, bottom, right, and left. One additional graphic banner ad can be displayed in the middle of the screen upon transitions between web pages.These "placements" use standard height and width dimensions. As long as you adhere to these dimensions, you will find that any banner will conform to the layout of your site.

Ad Banner Positions/Rotations

Each location where an ad banner is placed is referred to as a slot. News Pro allows you to upload multiple banners and place them in the particular slot in the order you specify. As visitors transition through your site from page to page, News Pro will automatically display your ads in the order you set.

More specifically, each time you create a banner you will assign a numerical value in the Position field that tells News Pro what order to display the ad. As the following diagram demonstrates, you can publish multiple ads for the same slot. This makes one slot serve to display many banners.

Creating a Publishing Standard

Selling online advertisements presents a new and unique addition to your advertising sales. As a result, you may wish to adopt a new publishing standard for advertising price and run-time that is specifically tailored for your online advertisements.

Knowing the most valuable ad placement and positions can help you to establish a pricing standard. For example, banners that display at the top of your web site will be more visible than ones at the bottom, thus these banners are more valuable. Additionally, ads that display in the first position are more valuable than those that display in the second.

Unlike a print ad that has a life limited to the next edition of your paper, an online ad run-time is completely up to you. When you choose to upload a banner you will set an Open Date and a Close Date that determines the length of time the ad will be displayed. Have a publishing standard time frame (weekly, monthly), and pre-selling your banners will ensure your site is always full of ads and looks great.

For additional information on publishing standards please review the knowledge base article, Creating a Statistics Report.