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News Pro

News Pro is a software program designed for small and medium sized newspaper businesses, and it is used exclusively to manage content for online newspaper editions. News Pro provides newspapers with an easy to use program that can take a print edition into an online edition within minutes.


How it Works

Within this program are three user control interfaces called “managers.” These managers are designed to control and organize news, advertisements, and subscribers. Below is a brief overview of how these managers can build and manage online content for your newspaper.


News Manager

The News Manager is the interface used to publish news content online. It supplies the option to create custom named categories to organize news content. Within these categories, news can be published in text or PDF format, allowing the user to choose how they wish to deliver news to subscribers. Additionally, this manager will automatically and properly format the pictures chosen to be uploaded with an article. The News Manager also gives the user control over what content is made public and what content is reserved for paid subscribers. The News Manager also includes two additional handy tools - Late Breaking and Pre-Publish. The Late Breaking tool allows users to publish breaking news as it happens. The Pre-Publish tool allows users to build future content and choose a specific date for its public release.


Advertising Manager

The Advertising Manager is the interface used to manage and publish online advertisement banners. This manager allows users to graphic ad banners using all of the most popular web formats. Users can also drop in raw code from third party providers, such as the Texas Press Association. What’s more, the Advertising Manager tracks each ad by counting how many times it has been viewed and clicked. In addition, this manager allows you to run reports on ads to see which spots are getting the most attention. To help build your ad revenue, News Pro also uses integrated Google AdSense that will display third-party ads on your site.

Subscriber Manager

The Subscriber Manager is the interface used to organize and manage the subscriber base. This manager will complete all transactions behind the scenes. The Subscriber Manager will even track subscribers and automatically send a generated email renewal notice when their subscription is about to expire. Using an integrated PayPal feature, the Subscriber Manager can handle all subscription payments and refunds. In addition, this interface can also be used to sell subscriptions for print editions. What’s even better? By using the PayPal system, there are no long-term contracts or monthly service fees.


Publishing Tools

In addition to these three managers, News Pro offers a number of tools that will let you offer a rich web experience for your users. Tools such as opinion polls, calendars, photo galleris, article comments and mobile editions increase site visitors and duration. Imagine being able to instantly reach your audience with these tools from any location with nothing more than your computer and an internet connection. In today's marketplace, you have the potential to add more value to your advertisers through digital publishing solutions. Consider News Pro as your premier online platform. Take a closer look at our product and contact us with questions!


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