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Newspapers Choose News Pro for their Web Sites

Published: June 22, 2012 Bookmark and Share

In 2007, JAWS Media release version one of News Pro, a content management system designed specially for medium to small newspapers. The result of the application has revitalized the rural newspaper market by providing a fully supported web application that let's publishers get online, without a huge expense. Since its release, News Pro one has been installed for several newspapers in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

News Pro lets publishers get online at an affordable rate and choose how they wish to publish their content. Some choose to restrict access to paid subscribers, some freely publish to attract traffic. Regardless of how they choose to publish content, News Pro has provided the solution. The application is flexible enough to match a variety of publishing formats.

Version one provides three "managers" within the application, the News Manager, Advertising Manager and Subscription Manager. Each of these managers are designed to let publishers control their web site to move their publication online. Since News Pro is a web application, publishers can control their web site right from their computer with nothing more than a web browser; no special software to install or keep updated.

What's more? Being a web application, publishers can delegate the maintenance of the web site to staff members. Writers can load content to the web site from any computer with nothing more than an internet connection. The Late Breaking news feature lets publishers upload stories as they happen, making their online edition the source for up-to-the-minute local news.

If you're a publisher and need a web site that works for you and is fully supported, take a moment to learn more about News Pro.