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ALLSAVER Tape Products Chooses JAWS Media

Published: August 09, 2012 Bookmark and Share

When ALLSAVER Tape Products needed a fresh look to their web site and an integrated PayPal shopping cart feature, they turned to JAWS Media. Since 1981, the company has been manufacturing transparent protective tape products. The tapes are used to cover just about anything you wish to protect. From headlights, bikes, jet skis, boats, snow skis, snow boards, kayaks and more.

The company's old site was like many made when web sites were first being developed. It showcased the product in many ways but as time progressed, a new site was needed to give their unique tapes the site they deserved.

(Old ALLSAVER Web Site)

The new site was designed by JAWS Media in an effort to give the company a fresh, new look with a modern layout and navigation. The goal was to showcase the many applications of the truly wonderous tape manufactured by ALLSAVER. As seen in the following example, the home page aimed to focus on the more popular applications of automotive, skiing, paddleboards and bikes.

(New ALLSAVER Web Site)

In addition to providing information about the various applications of its tape products, the company also needed an integrated PayPal shopping cart to let users order products directly from the site. Since the company didn't really need a fully operational shopping cart application, JAWS Media implemented a simple order page using PayPal "Add to cart" buttons to let customers select from a pre-defined product.

As a result, ALLSAVER is now sporting a brand-new look with a professionally designed web site. If you're site needs a facelift, consider JAWS Media services and discover what others are finding out for themselves; contact us about your site needs.