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Andrews County News Chooses News Pro

Published: October 21, 2012 Bookmark and Share

More rural newspapers are making the switch to News Pro, an easy-to-use content management system by JAWS Media. For Andrews County News, their previous site was originally developed in Microsoft FrontPage and didn't allow the publisher to manage the site, ads and subscribers. With their new site (seen below), JAWS Media was able to import their existing subscriber list into the News Pro application and provide a single solution that lets them easily upload news in text and PDF format without having to build a web page for each story.

News Pro lets publishers upload their content and it does the page layout for you automatically with no web page building skills! The web application also provides a complete subscription management tool that let's the newspaper sell subscriptions to both print and online editions. With the new site, the newspaper has enjoyed an increase of subscriptions and added value to their advertisers. If you've been thinking about how to provide a useful solution to your subscribers, consider News Pro for your web needs.

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